Sam Blackwell and Sierra DeMulder met in 2008. They were both baristas at a local java joint and quickly bonded over their mutual love of morbidly sad literature. It was in the back alley of this very coffee shop where Sierra first cried over a broken heart to Sam. This was the beginning of a decade-long friendship built on honest conversations, emotional vulnerability, and trash talking their exes. They also share a birthday.

Through this podcast, Sierra and Sam hope to convey what they've learned throughout their own romantic journeys to bring comfort and support to others who might be going through similar situations. Just Break Up Podcast wants to bring understanding and a little laughter to the things that might be hard to talk about: that relationship we just can't get over, the compromise that feels like a deal breaker, the text message left on read. They don't claim to be experts but instead believe that love is a universal human experience that can be just as confusing and rewarding as the life we are living. 

...but it is that you’re my friend out here on the far reaches of what humans can find out about each other.
— Jason Shinder